Design is what truly sets Black Forest Builders apart from most other custom builders in the Houston market. Most builders keep a few stock plans or farm out the design for exorbitant rates. We don’t sub-contract design or add more parts to the process. We sit with each client and truly cater to the home design around their unique lifestyle. So many of the homes built today are “cookie-cutter” in nature and evoke no real emotion. A proper design should draw inspiration from historical architecture, yet be flexible and functional to work with today’s families.

Our knowledge of multiple architectural styles translates into designs that are built to withstand the test of time and trends which come and go. Homes built in America traditionally have deep roots in European history; Classical, Spanish, French serve as inspirations for today’s homes. During the design, careful attention is made to stay true to the architectural style chosen for each project, while keeping every detail within budget. Each client is unique, and their home should be no different.


Our services begin with Design, however, we are here to provide all of your construction needs. During the construction process, job one is ensuring the work performed is of high quality and meets each project’s exact specifications. Work should be performed accurately the first time and proper supervision contributes to an excellent end product. All of our trades are skilled in their areas of expertise, bonded and insured.


Black Forest Builders is a custom home builder servicing clients in Houston & surrounding market. Each project we take on is a relationship; a union between ourselves and the client.